Music and Lyrics by Zoe Sarnak

Book by Emily Kaczmarek

Directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt

Reeling from the loss of their volatile mother, Kali and Simone are at odds as to whether to sell their costly childhood home. They compromise by renting out the attic, and into their lives walks Jo, an accomplished young war reporter.


But her reasons for moving in are more complex than the sisters know: haunted by the death of her beloved mentor, Jo is hellbent on untangling the mysteries contained in his journals...whose pages point straight to Kali and Simone.


As entanglements deepen and past collides with present, Kali, Simone, and Jo relay three sides of the same story. Featuring a rhythmic and soulful score that fuses pop, rock, and modern indie-folk, AFTERWORDS is the story of three women bound by notes scribbled down on paper, and the art we make from the love that makes us.